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We want to improve the lives & careers of one million industrial engineers through high-quality and affordable online technical education.

Our Story

Nothing to learn PLC programming

After we spent months trying to learn PLC programming, the process got extremely frustrating! Free online resources were of poor quality, outdated and provided no in-depth explanation. Paid training would set us back about $5000 USD (excluding cross-country travel of course) and make us sit through a boring 4-day class where you're taught the bare minimum.


SolisPLC was born!

We decided to create an affordable online platform where students from across the world can learn PLC programming through courses and tutorials that are created, vetted, and taught by industry experts who have worked on massive industrial systems integration projects and are eager to share their experience.

Helping thousands of engineers learn every single day

Our platform connects students from all over the world and evert month, we help 40 000+ students of all levels improve their skills by providing them with learning paths filled with comprehensive explanations of key concepts as well as challenging projects which allow them to apply their skills. Our tutorials and classes are frequently updated and new material is released every week so our students always find something to boost their skills!


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