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Newsletter: The Automation Stack #3

Vladimir Romanov

Welcome to The Automation Stack, a newsletter by engineers, for engineers, written and curated by the SolisPLC team. Starting this week, we’re going to be sending this newsletter every week. The world is changing every day, and we want to share interesting questions from our community, tutorials, and news from around the web while they are most relevant.

We, like many of you, have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and hope that you’re all staying indoors, washing your hands, and supporting your local communities.

Tutorials of the Month

  • Opto 22 Groov Epic PAC System Introduction Overview | In this introductory tutorial, we will take a first look at the Groov Epic controller from Opto 22, go over the hardware features, discuss the startup procedure and finally make a few comments about the software packages that are pre-installed on the controller.
  • Structured Text Example for Input & Output Tag Aliasing Assignments | By using Structured Text over ladder logic in this specific case, programmers can create simple string manipulations in Excel and implement the entire tag architecture through copy pasting entire routines.
  • Introduction to Structured Text Programming in Studio 5000 | In this introductory tutorial, we're going to explore the basics of structured text, go over the fundamentals of the interface that are different from ladder logic and lastly build a few simple examples to illustrate an assignment of a variable.

Industry News We’re Following

  • Automakers (GM, Ford, etc.) shutting down Production | With what’s happening in the world, there’s no surprise that manufacturing is taking a hit. However, automakers have been particularly hit due to personnel density and unionized environments.
  • Hand sanitizer manufacturing process | During these times, every small business that’s still operating is required to provide hand sanitizer to the customers. Multiple countries are scaling up production in order to meet the rise in demand.

Interesting Automation Positions

Despite all the bad news, many companies are still seeking talented individuals to join their ranks. Here are a few positions that we found particularly interesting.

Insights & Recommendations

We’ve all been affected by what’s happening around the globe. That being said, while we respect the measures taken by our respective governments, we can still make the most of our time. We highly recommend checking out this short tutorial on Ignition by Inductive Automation if you’re looking to learn an excellent SCADA system without a high investment. Furthermore, the PowerFlex 525 drives are still the industry standard; here’s a tutorial we wrote on how to get started with these drives: PowerFlex 525 VFD Setup.

We appreciate your support and wish you all the best in these tough times.

The SolisPLC team.

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