Episode 2: Jobs in Manufacturing, Career Progression, Certifications, Education and More

Looking to get into the manufacuring industry? We discuss certifications, career paths, and career progression.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


In the second episode of the podcast, Dave and Vlad are focused on the career and employment aspect of the manufacturing industry. We discuss what it takes to get into the industry, what certifications, as well as paths, are relevant, how to move up the ladder, and answer some of the viewer questions based on this topic.



Vladimir Romanov

Vlad is the co-founder of SolisPLC. He is an Electrical Engineer with a focus on Industrial Automation & Controls, and has worked at some of the world's largest manufacturing companies.

Dave Griffith

Dave Griffith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans the many facets of Industrial Automation and Manufacturing. Dave has spent the last 15 years helping different companies grow and become competitive in the Industrial space.

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