Episode 6: Building a systems integration business with Preston Hadley

Learn what it takes to build a systems integration business with our special guest Preston Hadley from Envision Automation & Controls.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


In this episode, we talk to Preston Hadley. His non-traditional journey into Controls. Starting Envision Automation & Controls. Change a Life Giveaway (and future plans). What he’s learned and where he thinks this path will lead him.



Preston Hadley

As the President of Envision Automation & Controls Preston has experience in multiple skillsets. Systems integration, electrical design, troubleshooting, commissioning, fabrication, and more. Envision Automation & Controls specializes in retrofitting and upgrading equipment and systems for your operations. Often engineering add-ons to existing systems that integrate seamlessly into the production process. Preston is particularly a big fan of vision applications, material handling, and Industry 4.0 technology

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