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Upskill your team in PLC programming & automation.

SolisPLC for business gives you the power to upskill everyone on your team by giving them the PLC programming & automation knowledge, experience, and confidence to tackle any control & automation problem.

  • In-depth and technically accurate training materials
  • Practical skills taught by practicing industry experts
  • Updated and ever expanding course library
  • Self-paced learning from anywhere for all skill levels
  • Course taught on real hardware. No simulators

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In-depth content, practical examples, and hands-on help


In-depth practical content

We're automation and controls experts actively working in the field, at some of the world's top companies. Our courses are practical, straight to the point, and contain no fluff.

We make sure to teach your team real-world practical skills through in-depth explanations and examples. We cover the theory, implementation & common pitfalls to make sure your team always get the whole picture.

"Just in the little time off taking this course, I have been able to take the knowledge that I have gained and apply it to the work at hand and I have a much better understanding of what's happening with the machine. Thank you!"


Hands-on help and feedback

Courses include access to our team of automation and control experts. We will help your team answer technical questions, guide them through the learning material, give them feedback on a project they're working on, and much more.

"The team at SolisPLC has some of the best content out there and plus they're always willing to help. It's a complete package! Thank you!"


Learning by doing

The final component in our classes are projects. Step-by-step projects and implementation examples will help your team apply all the knowledge they have acquired and test their understanding by getting your hands dirty.

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