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Set a Technical Baseline

It's much easier to ensure operational efficiency and hit your business goals when your team's skillset is up-to-date. With SolisPLC, both new and existing employees can learn at their own pace from active industry expert.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Automation technologies and industry needs are constantly evolving. With continuous learning and frequently updated content, we make sure your team and business stay ahead of the curve.

Boost Employee Retention

It is not enough to send people to training once a year. Employees expect to be empowered to continuously learn and improve their skills. With SolisPLC, your team can learn new skills and technologies on an ongoing basis without hassle. Online 24/7 year around.

Skills That Matter

We work closely with you and continuously collect feedback from our community to make sure we bring your the technical skills that matter the most for your business.

VFD Integration

Machine Vision

HMI Programming

PLC Programming


PointIO Integration

Build Organization-Wide Automation Fluency

In-Depth Practical Content

Our instructors are automation and controls experts actively working in the field.Our courses are practical, straight to the point, technical correct, and contain no fluff.

Convenient & Affordable

In-person training is expensive, limited , and inconvenient. With SolisPLC your team can learn a variety of topics, at an affordable price, without hassle.

Scalable Learning

Wether you're training 5 or 500 people, with SolisPLC you will be able to ensure that your team gets access to consistent high-quality continuous learning.

In-depth practical PLC training for engineers and technicians


In-depth practical content

Our instructors are automation and controls experts actively working in the field, at some of the world's top companies, and know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Our courses are practical, straight to the point, and contain no fluff.

We make sure to teach you real-world practical skills through in-depth explanations and examples. We cover the theory, implementation & common pitfalls to make sure you always get the whole picture.

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Hands-on help and feedback

Courses include access to our team of automation and control experts and community. They can help you answer technical questions, guide you through the learning material, or give feedback on a project you're working on.

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Learning by doing

The final component in our classes are projects. Step-by-step projects and implementation examples help you apply all the knowledge you have acquired and test your understanding by getting your hands dirty.

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