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This book with help you learn everything you need to know to get a job. If you can confidently talk about the topics covered within this book you will come out above 90% of candidates. Many PLC programmers struggle with basic concepts, and yet that’s exactly what employers will test for.

In addition to walking you through the essential concepts, this book will provide you with practice interview problems, small challenge projects, and links to video tutorials for more in-depth visual explanations.

You will learn:

How to Learn PLC Programming

Discover the different ways you can learn PLC programming, and which topics to need to focus on first to learn quickly and get a PLC programming job.

How to Get Started with Allen Bradley PLC Programming

Learn how to install and configure all the Allen Bradley softwares you need to get started for absolutely FREE.

Ladder Logic Programming Language

Learn the basic of Ladder Logic PLC programming and discover the specific instructions & techniques you need to learn to land your first PLC programming Job.

Interview Practice Challenges

Practice what you have learned in this book with challenges that are frequently asked during interviews.

How to Get a PLC Programming Job

Learn how to go about finding a PLC programming job and what to expect at every stage of the process. Practice questions included!

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