Opto 22 Groov Epic Tutorials


Publishing MQTT Data Using Opto 22 groov EPIC PAC

MQTT is a communication protocol that has taken off in the IIoT community. It’s a light-weight, efficient protocol that works through a publisher / broker / subscriber model. It creates an easy way for field devices to communicate and retrieve data from a single location. In this article, we’ll go over MQTT and dive into an example of how you can publish data using a groov EPIC PAC and retrieve the data using a MQTT client.

Vladimir Romanov

Opto 22 Groov Epic PAC System Introduction Overview | SCADA Node Red MQTT

A complete introduction to the Groov Epic by Opto 22 hardware which combines the capabilities of a traditional PLC, modern features as well as state of the art software packages. Learn about the controller, hardware features, startup procedure, and much more.


Opto 22 groov EPIC Learning Center groovView IO Status Programming

The groov EPIC controller from Opto 22 comes packed with various software packages. Out of the box, the user is given full access to groovView, an HMI builder available through the browser. Through groovView, the user is able to create HMI layouts that interface inputs, outputs as well as internal tags of the controller. By creating a base program for the Learning Center, SolisPLC deployed an easy-to-use interface that allows monitoring as well as trending of the inputs and outputs of the learning centre. Furthermore, this program can be easily extended to any groov EPIC configuration and give quick access to those who need to troubleshoot IO in the field.


Groov EPIC | PAC Controller Setup and Input / Output Sequence Programming Tutorial

Learn how to create a simple control sequence through the Opto 22 Groov EPIC PAC Controller interface and explore how it can interact with the field hardware.