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Why Write for SolisPLC?

Our goal at SolisPLC is to help industrial automation engineers around the world improve their skills, their job, and ultimately their life.

In an effort to make learning accessible to all, we're excited to embark on a journey to build the world’s most comprehensive library of free technical tutorials related to PLC programming, HMI programming, and industrial automation.

By writing for SolisPLC, your articles will reach thousands of people around the globe and help you become both a better writer and engineers through the feedback you'll receive from our team along the journey.

The Process

What's the Publication Process?

Apply. Write. Review. Publish.


What Can I Write About?

We are looking for the highest quality tutorials and articles to help industrial engineers improve their skills and careers. Our tutorials are clear, concise, and practical. Here are a few categories we're looking for:


What are the Requirements to Apply?

In order to be able to offer our community high quality tutorials, we are looking for writers with following requirements:

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Why is the tutorial a good fit for the SolisPLC community? You can use metrics like popularity trends, or point to a real-world applications, or show us that your article fills a gap in our existing library of tutorials.

Tutorial/article outline

Please create a rough outline for your tutorial or article.

Writing sample

Please include a link to a single technical writing sample that represents your best work (1000 words or more). If you don't have a writing sample, use this space to write the first two sections of your proposed tutorial/article.

What is your area(s) of expertise?

Tell us about your areas of expertise, and why you're the right person to write this tutorial.

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