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An Introduction to Industrial Ethernet Via RSLinx
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An Introduction to Industrial Ethernet Via RSLinx

In this course, you'll learn about industrial Ethernet networks. You'll learn how to set up and troubleshoot industrial Ethernet networks using RSLinx.

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Course overview

This is an introduction to ethernet networks using RSLinx and equipment commonly found on the industrial ethernet network. Topics include an introduction to RSLinx software, setting up a network, equipment commonly found on networks & troubleshooting industrial networks using RSLinx.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Startup and create two different types of ethernet networks using RSLinx
  • Describe and identify the different equipment used to create and found on industrial ethernet networks
  • Understand and setup IP addresses for different equipment commonly found on industrial ethernet networks
  • Troubleshoot common problems on new and existing ethernet networks using RSLinx

Target Audience

  • Electrical Engineers looking to learn more about RSLinx and industrial networks.
  • Electrical Technicians / Electricians looking to expand their knowledge into controls.
  • Software Engineers who are seeking to learn about industrial networks.
  • Manufacturing Operators looking to progress in their career.
  • Anyone interested in how manufacturing processes are executed.
Course content


  • ► Course & Instructor Introduction | 3:40

RSLinx Introduction & Configuration

  • ► Introduction to RSLinx Classic | 07:32
  • ► Setting up RSLinxs | 10:36

Industrial Ethernet (Ethernet/IP) Introduction & Configuration

  • ► Industrial Equipment found on Industrial Ethernet | 09:56
  • ► Ethernet Switches | 09:14
  • ► Understanding Addresses | 08:06
  • ► Setting an IP Address on a PC | 06:03
  • ► Setting an IP Address on a PLC using Bootp | 04:54
  • ► Setting an IP Address on a MicroLogix 1400 PLC using the PLC display| 02:55
  • ► Setting an IP Address on an Allen Bradley VFD | 02:51
  • ► Setting an IP Address on an Allen Bradley PanelView HMI | 04:07
  • ► Adding Ethernet to Older Equipment through ENI | 11:23

Ethernet/IP Troubleshooting

  • ► Troubleshooting Ethernet Problems | 15:01


  • ► Conclusion and Next Steps | 01:36
About the instructor

Patrick Klette is the Program Coordinator of the Electrical Engineering Technology program at Kankakee Community College. He is the author of Fluid Power Systems and coauthor Electrical Math Principles both published through American Technical Publishing (ATP). He is also contracted author for Tii Technical Education Systems and the creator of KletteTech on YouTube.

Course Info
Number of lessons
1 hr 35 mins
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