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Fanuc Robotics Troubleshooting
Enterprise Course

Fanuc Robotics Troubleshooting

This course provides foundational skills and knowledge required to diagnose and resolve issues with FANUC robots, focusing on two main areas: the physical robot cabinet and the software that controls the robot.

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Course overview

Welcome to our FANUC Robot Troubleshooting Essentials course, designed to equip technicians, engineers, and robotics engineers with the foundational skills and knowledge required to diagnose and resolve issues with FANUC robots. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the critical aspects of troubleshooting, focusing on two main areas: the physical robot cabinet and the software that controls the robot.

Who Should Enroll:

This course is ideal for individuals looking to develop a solid foundation in FANUC robot maintenance, including:

  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Automation Professionals
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Robotics Students and Enthusiasts

Prerequisite :

The following prerequisites are recommended to ensure participants can fully engage with the course content and maximize their learning experience:

  • A good understanding of industrial FANUC robotics. If you're just getting started, we strongly recommend you first complete the Introduction to FANUC Industrial Robotics Programming course.
  • Understanding of Electrical and Mechanical Systems: Basic knowledge of electrical circuits and mechanical components is essential, as troubleshooting often involves diagnosing issues related to these systems.
  • Experience with FANUC Robots (Preferred but Not Required): While not strictly necessary, prior hands-on experience with FANUC robots or similar industrial robotic systems will be beneficial. This experience can help participants relate course material to real-world applications more easily.

Course Benefits:

Upon completion of this course, participants will have acquired the ability to efficiently identify and solve both hardware and software issues in FANUC robots, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime in their organizations. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion, validating their expertise in FANUC robot troubleshooting.

Course content

Section 1 | Introduction

  • ► Introduction | 0:53
  • ► Understanding the Hardware of the Robot Cabinet  | 7:04

Section 2 | Understanding & Dealing with Alarms

  • ► Alarm Screens on FANUC Teaching Pendant  | 4:55

Section 3 | Working with Various Errors

  • ► FANUC Logic Errors | 2:24
  • ► FANUC Motion Errors | 16:00

Section 4 | File Manipulation

  • ► FANUC File Manipulation | 6:38
About the instructor

Pawel is an experienced robot programmer working in automotive industry and is the founder of Future Robotics.

Robot programming is a field that I feel like a duck in water. In my four-year career I worked with VW and Opel standard on FANUC and KUKA. I did integrations, new lines, cycle-time optimization, production support and quality adjustments . Known applications: spot welding, handling, clinching, riveting, arc welding, gluing, stud welding, roller hemming, laser brazing, laser welding.

If you think that hiring me could be increasing the effectiveness of your company, you are most likely right. For some Robot programming is just a regular job... To me is an art form, that I want to create with passion.

Course Info
Number of lessons
37 minutes
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