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Introduction to FANUC Industrial Robotics Programming

In this course, you'll learn the basic components and functions of a FANUC industrial robot system.

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In this beginner course, you'll learn the fundamentals of programming & operating FANUC industrial robot systems.

We'll look at how the robot works and how to safely operate it. We'll then move to the programming side of things and learn about Tool & User Frames, robot positioning, movement types, and basic logic programming.

We will wrap up with a hands-on programming project where you'll be able to apply and practice everything you learned in this courses.

This course is for robot operators, programmers and maintenance engineers with none or small experience of FANUC robots.

Section 1


  • ► Course & Instructor Introduction | TBD
  • ► Robots in Industry | TBD
Section 2

FANUC Hardware Overview

  • ► Components of a Robot System | TBD
  • ► Robot Safety | TBD
  • ► Mechanical Overview | TBD
  • ► Robot cabinet Overview | TBD
Section 3

FANUC Software Overview & Programming

  • ► Teach Pendant (iPendant) Overview| TBD
  • ► Robot Position | TBD
  • ► Movement Types | TBD
  • ► General Overview | TBD
  • ► Robot Logic | TBD
Section 4

FANUC Hands-on-Project

  • ► Creating a Program | TBD
Section 5


  • ► Conclusion and Next Steps | TBD
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Pawel Krupa

Experienced robot programmer working in automotive industry is looking for new opportunities to develop his passion. Robot programming is a field that I feel like a duck in water. In my four-year career I worked with VW and Opel standard on FANUC and KUKA. I did integrations, new lines, cycle-time optimization, production support and quality adjustments . Known applications: spot welding, handling, clinching, riveting, arc welding, gluing, stud welding, roller hemming, laser brazing, laser welding. If you think that hiring me could be increasing the effectiveness of your company, you are most likely right. For some Robot programming is just a regular job... To me is an art form, that I want to create with passion.

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  • Certificate of completion

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