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SolisPLC is one of the largest PLC programming and automation learning platforms, teaching thousands of manufacturing engineers, technicians, and operators every month. Partnering with SolisPLC gets your brand in front of a rapidly growing and highly relevant audience.

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40 000+
Learners visit SolisPLC every month to learn automation.
25 000+
Social media followers on Youtube, Facebook and Linkedin
3 000+
Newsletter subscribers.
Automation learning platform in North America

Here are a few ways we can work together

Discovery & Brand Awarness

Make your product discoverable on SolisPLC Tool Directory and across the site. This includes a dedicated landing page where prospective users can learn more about your product and its use-cases.

Content and Audiance Engagement

Collaborate with us on a small, lightweight getting started tutorial & video. We will put together an in-depth technical tutorial and a 10 - 20min video explaining how to set up your product and then launch it via our social media channels, email newsletter, and on the website

Technical Education

Work with our team to create a learning path for your product. learning paths are a sequence of 3 to 4 videos around a specific use case using your product. These are perfect to teach existing & potential users how to accomplish specific tasks using your product in conjuction with other industry tools.

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