SolisPLC Wall of Love

Over 80 000 students learn with SolisPLC every year. Every now and then, one of them shares their experience with us. Below is a collection of some of these stories.

"I think these are THE BEST courses for beginners. I wanted to learn PLC programming and the majority of the courses only offer the software side of things, where this offers knowledge around the hardware as well."

Yurika Iwase

"This is an awesome course for anyone who is new to PLC programming and/or even looking to further their knowledge. Vlad is a top-notch instructor who is very knowledgeable in the field. He puts forth quality content & speaks with a lot of clarity making him very easy to understand. Would definitely recommend it."

Tyler Chene

The course exceeded my expectations. The instructor was articulate, knowledgeable, workplace experienced and imparted a wealth of hardwon experience gratis. Vladimir is a gifted presenter and trainer. Very adept in the medium of e-learning. The course has got me back up to speed with the Allen Bradley Rockwell S/W RSLogix 500 and 5000 which was my main purpose in taking the course. I will be definitely be recommending the course.

Derek Bailey

"This is a fantastic course that covers from basic to intermediate level programming. It does move a bit fast once you get into the projects, but you aren't limited to one view so if going back and watching again is needed, the information is still there without too much fluff. A lot of this course is a review for me, but I did learn some new tricks. I also really like that the instructor doesn't edit out any programming mistakes and instead uses those for troubleshooting techniques and experience. Well done."

Nathan Provence

This course is one of the best Factorytalk view courses I have ever seen. The instructor is amazing.

Ali Rasouli

"Thank you SolisPLC for another well-taught course. I would encourage anyone who is needing more education in PLC, HMI, Powerflex 525 VFD, and Cognex Vision camera systems to take his courses. He has a great presentation and is very informative in the lectures. Again well done SolisPLC."

Al Patrick

"Fantastic Course! I very much enjoyed the high-level technical knowledge presented."

William Schwab

"This course helped me better understand the extensive functions of Cognex systems. I'm in manufacturing automation. I was able to configure and set our new cameras and upgrade the firmware on the older IS2000m. Very happy"

David Nguyen

"Great experience with Vlad to walk through a whole PLC programming from scratch, Thanks to Vlad for sharing all his knowledge and experience."

Juan Juarez

"Very good course content. Shows how to set up a new drive, add it to the PLC, connect via TCP/IP and write basic ladder logic to control it. Good easy to follow instructions for someone new to the PLC environment. I've worked in an industrial environment for 7 years as an electrician and found this course very helpful for setting up new equipment and troubleshooting existing equipment."

Michael Schwenk

"The course is well explained and sufficient to get started with programming Drives. I recommend this course if you are new or a beginner working with VFDs. I really like some of the situations during the course, which is definitely of help when you are troubleshooting in the actual industrial work environment! In addition, this course is short one can quickly go through to refresh knowledge about Drives!"

Afzal Mohammed

I work in the food/beverage industry as an hvac/r specialist and I’m currently taking classes at a community college to learn PLCs. The class has been lackluster, to say the least, and I constantly find myself referring back to Solis PLC. So I just wanted to say thank you for all the great content you're putting out. It is MILES above the rest!

Ryan. D

"This course covers a variety of topics and prepares you to program an Allen Bradley PLC, create an HMI, and even integrate a Cognex Vision system. There are many examples and if you follow along, you could go from not knowing anything about PLCs to making your first program."

Christopher Colarosa

"Absolutely brilliant, SolisPLC made my transition into a control systems engineer role so much easier, such a legend, thank you!"

Jamie Chaplin

I had to take this course for a new project at work and it was exactly what I needed. Vlad was good at explaining just enough to make you learn, without it feeling like spoonfed info from a textbook.

Justin Sparks

"A really interesting and valuable course. The course went through all the necessary details to start with a Cognex camera in an industrial environment. Thank you!"

Sahan Rajapakshage

"I am super excited and nervous at the same time. Vlad's approach has given me confidence that I will do just fine. The objective is to learn so that I can be job-ready or at least pass the interview."

Mohammad Fahad Akbar

"The instructor appears to be extremely knowledgeable about the topic and is covering a lot of material in a short amount of time. I also like the fact that Vlad is pointing out concepts on a real PLC unlike most of the other instructors who are working with simulators. Looking forward to the advanced topics on the instructions sets, how to create projects, etc."

Kenny Vanek

"This course was more than I expected. The combination of learning about the 525 with the plc programming was an added bonus. Great job in teaching!"

Eric Wilson

"Am very grateful for the course. The fact that I can take the lessons and go over them again and again for more clarity is a big boost for me. My Knowledge of PLC and their programming is greatly enhanced. and what's more this knowledge is not limited to the Micrologix PLCs. Thanks a lot."

Vincent Ooko Onyango
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