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Beginner to Paid Professional | RSLogix & Studio 5000, 500 | Hardware Software

50 video lessons | 8hr 30 mins

PowerFlex 525 Variable Frequency Drive Setup, Integration & PLC Programming

16 video lessons | 2hr 17 mins

PointIO Hardware & Software Integration using RSLogix & Studio 5000

9 video lessons | 1hr 41 mins
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William Schwab

Fantastic Course! I very much enjoyed the high-level technical knowledge presented.

Yurika Iwase

I think these are THE BEST courses for beginners. I wanted to learn PLC programming and the majority of the courses only offer the software side of things, where this offers knowledge around the hardware as well.

Jamie Chaplin

Absolutely brilliant, SolisPLC made my transition into a control systems engineer role so much easier, such a legend, thank you!

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