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Introduction to FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS)
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Introduction to FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS)

In this course, you'll learn the basics of the FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS) software. We will cover the most commonly used options for you to get started with robot safety.

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Course overview

This introductory course covers the fundamental principles and features of the FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS). You'll learn the most commonly used safety options, including Safe I/O, Cartesian Position Check, and Safety Signature. These will be enough to cover 90% of the necessary robot safety features you'll need.

After completing this course, you will be familiar with the following:

  • DCS nomenclature
  • DCS Menu Navigation 
  • DCS visualization
  • Fundamentals of DCS troubleshooting
  • Fundamentals of DCS Safe I/O
  • Fundamentals of DCS Cartesian Position Check

This course is for:

  • Controls Engineers looking for an introductory course on Industrial FANUC Robot programming.
  • Controls Technicians / Controls Engineers looking to expand their knowledge into industrial FANUC robot programming.
  • Software Engineers who are seeking to learn about industrial FANUC robot programming.
  • Manufacturing Operators looking to progress in their careers.
  • Anyone interested in how industrial FANUC robot programming is done.


Course content


  • ► Course Introduction | 1:30
  • ► Training Cell Setup | 3:06
  • ► Training Cell Introduction | 1:47
  • ► What is Dual Check Safety | 1:37

Understanding & configuring the FANUC DCS

  • ► DCS Menu Overview | 1.57
  • ► Safety I/O | 5:03
  • ► Joint Speed & Position Check | 1:10
  • ► User Model | 1:38
  • ► Cartesian Position Check (CPC) | 7:05
  • ► CPC Functionality | 15:32
  • ► Auto Mode | 7:39
  • ► Non-Safety I/O | 3:23
  • ► Other Options | 4:40


  • ► Conclusion and Next Steps | 1:12
About the instructor

Pawel is an experienced robot programmer working in automotive industry and is the founder of Future Robotics.

Robot programming is a field that I feel like a duck in water. In my four-year career I worked with VW and Opel standard on FANUC and KUKA. I did integrations, new lines, cycle-time optimization, production support and quality adjustments . Known applications: spot welding, handling, clinching, riveting, arc welding, gluing, stud welding, roller hemming, laser brazing, laser welding.

If you think that hiring me could be increasing the effectiveness of your company, you are most likely right. For some Robot programming is just a regular job... To me is an art form, that I want to create with passion.

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Number of lessons
58 minutes
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