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Siemens TIA Portal - Intermediate PLC Programming
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Siemens TIA Portal - Intermediate PLC Programming

This course teaches you how to create, structure, program, and troubleshoot PLC applications using SCL in Siemens TIA Portal.

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Course overview

Course Summary

This course will teach you how to create, structure, program, and troubleshoot PLC applications using SCL in Siemens TIA Portal. You will learn best practices and tricks that can be applied to any PLC application.

You don't need a real PLC to take this course. We will use the Siemens PLCSim tool to simulate a PLC and an HMI directly on our PC without needing real hardware.

Don't worry if you don't have a TIA Portal license! You can use the 21-day trial version that Siemens provides


To follow along, you will need:

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course:

  • You will be able to program your own applications using SCL and Siemens TIA Portal. 
  • You will be able to set up a complete application with I/O, devices, and HMI.
  • You will know the best practices for developing high-quality PLC applications using SCL.

Target Audience

This course is for:

  • Software programmers or field engineers who want to program TIA Portal using SCL.
  • Maintenance Technicians who want to learn to troubleshoot SCL TIA Portal applications.
  • Anyone with basic PLC knowledge eager to get started with TIA Portal.
  • A Simatic Manager Step 7 or a Rockwell programmer, starting off with TIA PLC programming.
  • Anyone who wants to add "TIA Portal SCL PLC programmer" to their portfolio.
Course content

Getting Started

  • ► Start Introduction | 4:14

Project and Hardware Configuration

  • ► Start Project Creation | 4:48
  • ► Start PLC Hardware Configuration | 10:28
  • ► Start Program Blocks (OB, DB, FB, FC) | 22:20
  • ► Start Programming Languages Overview | 6:09
  • ► Start PLC Tags | 15:31
  • ► Start I/O Mapping | 16:27

ST/SCL Programming

  • ► Start Introduction to Structured Text/SCL | 24:21
  • ► Start SCL Programming Basics + Function Blocks | 27:38
  • ► Start Finite State Machines (FSM) in SCL | 39:29

Additional Tools for TIA Portal

  • ► Start Traces | 13:22
  • ► Start Create and Connect and HMI | 10:23
  • ► Start Create an HMI application | 13:05
  • ► Start HMI Components | 9:57

Final Course Project - Filling Conveyors

  • ► Start Project Introduction & Files | 17:36
  • ► Start Main Logic | 20:38
  • ► Start Conveyor Module | 23:08
  • ► Start Tank Module | 22:48
  • ► Start Counters Implementation | 8:39
  • ► Start CleanUp and Best Practices | 14:29
  • ► Start Alternative LAD/SCL Hybrid Implementation | 13:58


  • ► Start Conclusions | 0:52
  • ⇥ Review this course
About the instructor

I'm an Automation Engineer, who graduated cum laude from the University of Bologna. I've been working for many years in the industrial automation field, developing software for automatic machines and robots for different companies, both local and international. I'm an expert of PLC programming, industrial robotics, control systems, advanced control algorithms, programming patterns for automation, modeling and simulation of complex systems.

Course Info
Number of lessons
5 hrs 40min
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