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PowerFlex 525 Variable Frequency Drive Setup, Integration & PLC Programming

Learn how to work with the most used Allen Bradley Variable Frequency Drive - PowerFlex 525 | RSLogix Studio 5000 Programming, Motor Start, Stop, etc.

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"Vlad is a great teacher, love how he always uses the hardware in his examples. This is a clean informative lesson. VFD's are a blackhole and Vlad does a good job of fitting most of the important stuff into this lesson."
Trevor Morris

About This Course

This class will teach you everything you need to know about PowerFlex 525 Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

This class takes a hands on approach; within the first few lectures, we will start working with actual hardware and begin exploring the PowerFlex 525. Throughout the course, you can expect me to provide you will start to finish information in order to wire the drive, setup the parameters & control it through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The class is broken down into sequential modules & assumes no prior knowledge from the student. We take one step at a time & build the knowledge in every lecture. We make sure to discuss common pitfalls and best practices when it comes to working with this family of frequency drives.

What are the requirements for the class?

  1. You don't need any hardware or software to follow the lectures. However, in order to get the most out of the lectures, it's recommended to take notes, go through the manual (included in the class) & to implement the steps on your own time.
  2. Basic computer literacy is assumed.

What can I expect from this class?

  1. You will learn about the hardware & how to install it within a manufacturing environment.
  2. You will learn about the different parameters which need to be configured in order to properly setup & utilize the PowerFlex 525 VFD.
  3. You will learn basic control methods which don't require any additional hardware.
  4. You will learn advanced control methods which utilize the EtherNet/IP protocol as well as an 1769-L24ER-QB1B PLC Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  5. You will become confident in working with these Variable Frequency Drives.

What is the target audience for the class?

  1. Electrical Engineers looking for a crash course on VFDs.
  2. Electrical Technicians / Electricians looking to expand their knowledge into controls.
  3. Software Engineers who are seeking to learn about controlling hardware.
  4. Manufacturing Operators looking to progress in their career.
  5. Anyone interested in how manufacturing processes are executed.

Who this course is for:

  1. Electrical Technicians
  2. Electrical Engineers
  3. Operators
  4. Electricians
  5. Maintenance Supervisors
  6. Anyone interested in manufacturing automation systems
Section 1

Hardware Overview & Getting Started

  • ► Course Introduction | 2:09
  • ► PowerFlex 525 Connecting Power & Turning On the VFD | 4:17
  • ► PowerFlex 525 Hardware Overview | 6:40
  • ► PowerFlex 525 Wiring a 3 Phase Motor to the Variable Frequency Drive | 5:54
  • ► PowerFlex 525 Quick Start Documentation Walkthrough | 9:38
  • ► PowerFlex 525 Basic Parameter Setting for Motor | 9:29
  • ► Starting & Stopping the Drive through Digital Outputs of the PLC | 8:06
  • ► Running the Drive in Reverse through a Digital Output | 2:51
  • ► Setting a Speed Reference from the Keypad instead of Potentiometer | 4:28
  • ✓ Review Quiz #1
Section 2

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control from a PLC over EtherNet/IP

  • ► EtherNet/IP and Other Methods of Control Introduction | 2:50
  • ► Establishing an EtherNet/IP Connection to the PowerFlex 525 Drive | 10:12
  • ► Verifying Communication, Setting Parameters & Visualizing RSLinx Communication | 4:16
  • ► Adding the PowerFlex 525 Drive to the Studio 5000 Project and Going Online | 9:04
  • ► Configuring Drive Parameters, Starting, Stopping & Using a Speed Reference | 9:19
  • ✓ Review Quiz #2
Section 3

Programming PLC Control for the PowerFlex 525 VFD | Studio / RSLogix 5000

  • ► Flashing the Firmware of the VFD 1.003 -> 5.002 | ControlFlash Software | 13:54
  • ► Basic Ladder Logic Implementation of VFD Control | 14:47
  • ► PowerFlex 525 VFD Fault Handling and Status Logic | 17:27
  • ✓ Review Quiz #3
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Vladimir Romanov

Vladimir Romanov is an Electrical Engineer with a focus on Industrial Automation & Controls. He worked at Procter & Gamble, Kraft Heinz as well as Post Holdings where he executed and lead projects ranging from equipment upgrades to full facility upgrades, installations, VATs, etc. His primary technology focus has been on Allen Bradley equipment.

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