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Learn the ins and outs of Allen Bradley RSLogix & Studio 5000 development. Including hardware, software, ladder logic & everything you need to be a fully competent PLC programmer.

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"This is an awesome course for anyone who is new to PLC programming and/or even looking to further their knowledge. Vlad is a top-notch instructor who is very knowledgeable in the field. He puts fourth quality content & speaks with a lot of clarity making him very easy to understand. Would definitely recommend! "
Tyler Chene

About this Training Course

This course is a complete PLC programming class with step by step instructions on RSLogix & Studio 5000 development. Topics covering hardware, software, ladder logic & everything you need to be a fully competent PLC programmer.

What Will This Course Cover?

In this class, you will learn absolutely everything necessary to land a job as an entry level PLC technician (engineer, etc.).

We will cover basic topics such as what a PLC is used for, how it is able to receive and process Inputs & Outputs. We will take a much deeper dive with hands on labs and practice sessions during which I will give you specific real world scenarios to work with and give you tips and common pitfalls. These lessons are designed to strengthen your knowledge of PLCs and give you an edge during interviews.

At the end of each section, you will face a quiz which will allow you to test yourself on the material you have learned before moving to the next section. As some one who has administered interviews to PLC technicians, these questions are crucial in making sure that you've understood the material presented.

What are the requirements for the class?

  • You don't need any hardware or software to follow the lectures, however, it is highly recommended to get some practice before going into an interview. If that's not possible, I would advise spending some time working with an emulator and browsing through data sheets and manuals which will be presented to you in the course.

What can I expect from this class?

  1. The main objective of this course is to get you job-ready by the time you finish the last lecture.
  2. You will have a good understanding of what a PLC does, how it does it as well as what the outcomes of those actions are.
  3. You will be comfortable creating basic ladder logic programs and troubleshoot complex existing ones.
  4. You will be able to create simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens and controlling them via a PLC.
  5. You will have a good understanding of manufacturing systems as a whole.

What is the target audience for the class?

  1. Electrical Engineers looking for a crash course on PLCs.
  2. Electrical Technicians / Electricians looking to expand their knowledge into controls.
  3. Software Engineers who are seeking to learn about controlling hardware.
  4. Manufacturing Operators looking to progress in their career.
  5. Anyone interested in how manufacturing processes are executed.

Course Outline

Section 1

Hardware Foundation - ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix & Other Control Systems Hardware

Section Introduction
ControlLogix - Chassis & Power Supply Overview
ControlLogix - PLC 1756-L61 Overview
ControlLogix - 1756-EN2T EtherNet/IP Adapter Overview
ControlLogix - Input & Output Modules | Analog, Digital, AC & DC Overview
ControlLogix - Chassis Assembly & Power ON
CompactLogix - Platform Overview
Review Quiz #1 | PLC Hardware
Section 2

Software Development in RSLogix 5000 & Studio 5000| Ladder Logic

Section Introduction
Downloading Firmware from Rockwell Compatibility Center
RSLinx Classic Setup & Drivers
RSLogix 5000 & Studio 5000 Firmware / Software Revisions
First PLC Program Creation & PLC Online Connection
Getting Started with Routines & RSLogix 5000 Basics
Building Rungs & Understanding the Principles of Ladder Logic Structures
Good Practices of Structuring Rungs, Leaving Rung & Tag Level Comments
PLC Programming Instructions | XIC & XIO - Examine If Closed & Examine If Opened
PLC Programming Instructions | OTE - Output Energize
PLC Programming Instructions | OTL & OTU - Output Latch & Output Unlatch
Challenge 1 - 3 Buttons & 3 Lights Control System
PLC Programming Instructions | ONS - One Shot
PLC Programming Instructions | OSR & OSF - One Shot Rising & One Shot Falling
PLC Programming Instructions | TON - Timer ON
PLC Programming Instructions | TOF - Timer OFF
Challenge 2 - Tank Filling Mini-Project HMI/PLC Development (Part 1 / 4)
Challenge 2 - Tank Filling Mini-Project HMI/PLC Development (Part 2 / 4)
Challenge 2 - Tank Filling Mini-Project HMI/PLC Development (Part 3 / 4)
Challenge 2 - Tank Filling Mini-Project HMI/PLC Development (Part 4 / 4)
PLC Programming Instructions | CTU - Count UP
PLC Programming Instructions | CTD - Count Down
PLC Programming Instructions | RTO - Retentive Time ON
PLC Programming Instructions | EQU & NEQ - Equals & NOT Equals
PLC Programming Instructions | GRT & LES - Greater & Less Than
PLC Programming Instructions | LIM - Limit Test
PLC Programming Instructions | ADD - Addition
PLC Programming Instructions | MEQ - Masked Equals | Part 1 / 2
PLC Programming Instructions | MEQ - Masked Equals | Part 2 / 2
PLC Programming Instructions | MUL & DIV - Multiply & Divide
PLC Programming Instructions | MOD - Modulo
PLC Programming Instructions | CPT - Compute
PLC Programming Instructions | BSL - Bit Shift Left in RSLogix 500
PLC Programming Instructions | BSR - Bit Shift Right in RSLogix 500
Review Quiz #2 | PLC Software
Section 3

PLC Programming - Advanced Topics

PLC Programming Instructions | FOR - FOR Loop Development
PLC Forces | What you Need to Know
Implementing Add-On Instructions in Studio 5000
IO Buffering best Practices for PLC Inputs & Outputs
Section 4

Class Project 1 - PLC/HMI Street Light System

PLC HMI Programming Project | Initial Setup for Green, Yellow & Red Light Logic | Part 1
PLC HMI Programming Project | Hand-Shaking Logic & HMI Interface Tags | Part 2
PLC HMI Programming Project | Initial HMI Screen Development & Animations | Part 3
PLC HMI Programming Project | HMI Screen Layout & Design | Part 4
PLC HMI Programming Project | HMI Control System Development | Part 5
PLC HMI Programming Project | Control System Display Development, Numeric Entries & Displays | Part 6
PLC HMI Programming Project | Development Tutorial Beginners Ladder Logic Diagram RSLogix | Part 7
PLC HMI Programming Project | Development Tutorial Beginners Ladder Logic Diagram RSLogix | Part 8
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Vladimir Romanov

Vladimir Romanov is an Electrical Engineer with a focus on Industrial Automation & Controls. He worked at Procter & Gamble, Kraft Heinz as well as Post Holdings where he executed and lead projects ranging from equipment upgrades to full facility upgrades, installations, VATs, etc. His primary technology focus has been on Allen Bradley equipment.

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