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How to Get Started With RSLogix 500 PLC Programming

Download all the tools absolutely for free, Install them on your machine, and get started in PLC Programming in RSLogix500 today!

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About This Course

PLC Programming can be extremely frustrating to learn. It's hard to find the right software, the hardware is expensive and you simply don't know where to look to find the right tools. The mini-course will show you exactly how to download legitimate Rockwell Automation software packages to get you started in PLC Programming today.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will have installed and tested all the following software packages:

  1. RSLogix500 - Primary programming tool still used at many plants today. Allows you to practice ladder logic design, instructions & debug existing code.
  2. RSLinx Lite - Communication tool which allows you to communicate to actual PLC Systems or an Emulated one.
  3. Emulate500 - Emulation tool which allows you to create a virtual PLC interface which will run code you load into it.

We will also learn how to launch the tools you have just installed, create your first program and go online with the virtual controller.

Section 1


  • ► Downloading RSLogix500, RSLinx & Emulate 500 from Rockwell Automation | 6:28
  • ► Launching RSLogix500, Creating Your First PLC Program, and Going Online with Emulate500 | 5:55
  • ► Getting Started with RSLogix500 on an Actual MicroLogix 1100 PLC | Program, Download, and Go Online | 8:00
  • ► What to Do Next | 2.25
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Vladimir Romanov

Vladimir Romanov is an Electrical Engineer with a focus on Industrial Automation & Controls. He worked at Procter & Gamble, Kraft Heinz as well as Post Holdings where he executed and lead projects ranging from equipment upgrades to full facility upgrades, installations, VATs, etc. His primary technology focus has been on Allen Bradley equipment.

What's Included

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  • Help from our experts
  • Certificate of completion

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