PLC Programming Video Courses

At SolisPLC, you will find unprecedented learning materials for PLC Programmers, HMI Developers & Electrical Engineering Enthusiasts. Our courses are created, vetted, and taught by industry experts who have worked on massive industrial systems integration projects and are eager to share their experience.

Our goal is to provide you with a learning path filled with comprehensive explanations of key concepts as well as challenging projects which showcase and allow you to practice your skills.

With new content published weekly, you'll always find something new to boost your PLC programming skills.


Beginner to Paid Professional | RSLogix & Studio 5000, 500 | Hardware Software

50 video lessons        |        8hr 30 mins

The complete PLC programming class with step by step instructions on RSLogix & Studio 5000 development. Topics covering hardware, software, ladder logic & everything you need to be a fully competent PLC programmer.

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How to Get Started in PLC Programming in RSLogix 500 w/ Free Software Downloads

4 video lessons        |        23 mins

In this mini-course you learn exactly how to download legitimate Rockwell Automation software packages to get you started in PLC Programming today.

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PowerFlex 525 Variable Frequency Drive Setup, Integration & PLC Programming

16 video lessons        |        2hr 17 mins

Learn how to work with the most used Allen Bradley Variable Frequency Drive - PowerFlex 525 | RSLogix Studio 5000 Programming, Motor Start, Stop, etc.

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PointIO Hardware & Software Integration using RSLogix & Studio 5000

9 video lessons        |        1hr 41 mins

Learn how to work with Point IO distributed hardware and how to Integrate Point IO modules into a control system architecture.

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Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Industrial Development

26 video lessons        |        3hr 21 mins

In this class, you will be learning about vision systems, their purpose within a manufacturing setting as well as how to develop an application for a Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision System.

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