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An Introduction to PLC Training

These are some of the common questions we get about PLC training & PLC programming from students and aspiring engineers.

What is PLC Training?

PLC training is designed to help you learn how to program a programmable logic controller or PLC. You can start learning PLC programming online for free through written tutorials, videos, courses or books.

A good PLC training program should help you lay a solid foundation by teaching you PLC hardware, programming, troubleshooting, and design.

Why should I learn PLC Programming?

Manufacturing facilities around the globe rely heavily on PLCs and there is an increasing need of experts capable of developing, supporting, and managing these systems. Learn PLC programming unlocks higher-paying jobs, secure work environments, and excellent career growth.

According to Indeed, the average salary for a PLC programmer is the United States for 2021 is around $80 000 per year. Best of all, you don't need a formal university education to get a PLC programming job. In the last decade, employers have become much more open to non-traditional paths of learning; some may even prefer demonstrated projects over a college degree.

How long does it take to learn PLC Programming?

Depending on your background and priory knowledge, you can learn the basics of PLC programming in as little as 40 hours of training. This should be enough to help you land an entry-level job. However, it might take up to a year, of real-world hands-on experience in a manufacturing environment for you to become a proficient PLC programmer.

What is the best way to learn PLC Programming?

The best way to start learning PLC programming is to download the software for you chosen platform and start getting hands-on practice by following free online tutorials, YouTube videos, and courses.

We recommend that you pick and focus on a single PLC programming platform (Allen Bradley for North America, and Siemens for Europe), and start by learning basic Ladder Logic instructions including examine if closed (XIC), examine if opened (XIO), and output energizes (OTE).


Free PLC Training Tutorials

PLC training tutorials are step-by-step technical tutorials designed to guide you through PLC programming concepts and practical real-world challenges.

Intermediate PLC Training Tutorials

Moving into intermediate topics, you will learn additional PLC instructions. Here you should focus on timers and mathematical computations. You'll also learn about different data types.

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Advanced PLC Training Tutorials

An advanced PLC Programmer you should be comfortable with Add-On Instructions, User-Defined Data Tags, Fault Tolerant Programming, External Hardwares such as VFD drives, servo motion, safety circuits, and more

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FREE PLC Book | Want to learn PLC programming and not sure where to start?

This PLC training book with help you learn everything you need to know to get a job. If you can confidently talk about the topics covered within this book you will come out above 90% of candidates. Many PLC programmers struggle with basic concepts, and yet that’s exactly what employers will test for.

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Free PLC Training Courses

PLC training courses are designed to teach you real-world skills through practical examples, in-depth explanations, and hands-on projects.

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