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Allen Bradley PLC Training Resources for Technicians, Electricians, Operators, & Engineers


An Introduction to Allen Bradley PLC Training

Allen Bradley PLC Programming is a highly desired skill in industrial automation. It’s what allows one to create a set of instructions in order to control different devices, pieces of machinery and entire manufacturing plants. These are some of the common questions we get about Allen Bradley PLC training from students and aspiring engineers.

How do I get RsLogix 500 for free?

Downloading RsLogix 500 is completely free, and is the first step on your Allen Bradley PLC training journey. You should download the software from the Rockwell Automation website and avoid third-party sites as they can be unsafe due to viruses and corrupted versions of the software.

You'll find that locating the proper files on the Rockwell Automation website is very complex and confusion. This is why we created a detailed tutorial to help you download everything you need.

Where can I buy an Allen Bradley PLC training Kit?

Investing in hardware is essential to accelerating your Allen Bradley PLC training process. Although you can buy pre-built kit online, we suggest that you try building your own Allen Bradley PLC training kit. You can buy all the necessary component online, and it will save you money. Here a step-by-step tutorial to help you.

How do I program my Allen Bradley PLC?

Depending on your background and prior knowledge, you can learn the basics of PLC programming in as little as 40 hours of training. This should be enough to help you land an entry-level job. However, it might take up to a year, of real-world hands-on experience in a manufacturing environment for you to become a proficient PLC programmer.
FREE PLC Programming Book

Want to learn PLC programming and not sure where to start?

This PLC training book with help you learn everything you need to know to get a job. If you can confidently talk about the topics covered within this book you will come out above 90% of candidates. Many PLC programmers struggle with basic concepts, and yet that’s exactly what employers will test for.


Allen Bradley PLC Training Courses

Allen Bradley PLC training courses are designed to teach you real-world skills through practical examples, in-depth explanations, and hands-on projects.

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